Forchlorfenuron is the most active synthetic cytokinin, its activity is several times of butyl acrylate. Has accelerated mitosis, promote cell enlargement and differentiation, induce bud development, prevent shattering and other effects.Features of forchlorfenuron: to promote cell division and promote fruit enlargement. On cell division has significant role, on the organ's lateral vertical bearing growth and longitudinal growth has promoted effect, and thus play a role in fruit enlarging. Delayed leaf senescence, green-keeping for a long time, strengthen the chlorophyll synthesis, enhance photosynthesis, promote leaves color deeper to green.

Breaking the apical dominance and promote lateral bud germination, capable of inducing guide buds, promote collateral formation, increase the number of branches, increased flower number, promote pollen fertility, thereby increasing the number of fruits and increasing production. Improve crop quality, improve marketability. Induce parthenocarpy, stimulate ovaries swell to prevent shattering, promote protein synthesis, increase the sugar content and so on.Effect of forchlorfenuron: because itself is a new and efficient plant growth regulator, can be made oiling agent individually. Can be made 0.1% or 0.5 % EC, dipping, painting or wet foliage can rapidly swelling fruits, swelling rate is generally around 60%. Complex emerged in recent years of the more common used varieties of complex composition of gibberellin + vitamins Fe gibberellin amino acid + indole butyric acid, the effect is to promote seedling growth and fruit enlargement, promote fruit bearing, increase yield and sleep bud germination, promote seedling, promote growth and income.

Benefits Role: Forchlorfenuron is an active high cytokinin growth regulator, it can promote plant growth, can accelerate cell mitosis, promote cell enlargement and differentiation, prevent the shedding of fruit and flower, accelerated bud formation, promote stem, leaf, root growing, promote fruit enlarging, breaking apical dominance and prevent aging. Its biological activity compared with 6-benzylaminopurine was 10-100 times higher. Widely used in agriculture, horticulture and fruit trees, promote cell division, promote cell elongation to expand Tilting pad journal bearing and promote fruit enlargement; increase production; preservation and so on. Mainly for processing flowers, young fruit, can also be used in tobacco, tomato, eggplant, apples and vegetables, can increase production. High concentrations also used as herbicides.Forchlorfenuron role is mainly manifested in the following aspects: promote plant growth, Forchlorfenuron has the role of increasing sprout, accelerated bud formation, promote stems, leaves, roots, fruit growing, used for tobacco, can make the leaf fat and increasing the yield; can promote bearing fruits, can increase the production of tomato, eggplant, apples and other fruit and vegetable, used in sugar beet and sugar cane can increase sugar; accelerate fruit thinning and deciduous effect, thinning can increase fruit yield, improve quality, make the fruits have uniform size; high concentrations can be used as herbicides; Other effects: increased sugar beet and sugar cane' sugar, etc..Source: